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Zend Technologies Zend Studio 12.5.1
Zend Technologies Zend Studio 12.5.1

Zend Technologies Zend Studio 12.5.1 (Win/Mac/Linux) | 590/390/630MB
Zend Studio is a PHP integrated development environment designed to ease the work of PHP developers. The program is a full-featured code editing and debugging application that provides programmers with comprehensive facilities for speeding up the software development process.

Develop and Maintain Code Faster
Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (PHP IDE) available for professional developers providing the capabilities needed to develop business applications. Features like refactoring, code generation, code assist and semantic analysis combine to enable rapid application development on both the server side (in PHP) and the browser side (in javascript). Zend Studio also makes it simple to develop in a production-like environment by integrating with VMware Workstation for running and debugging PHP applications.
Find and Solve Problems Quickly
Zend Studio provides comprehensive debugging and testing support that helps you analyze and resolve problems quickly. Through support for both local and remote (on server) debugging, integrated PHP and javascript debugging, profiling, code inspection & quick fix, test generation & reporting, you have the tools you need to diagnose and resolve application problems quickly while ensuring your code starts out correctly. Tight integration with Zend Server speeds root cause analysis of problems detected in testing, staging or the production environment.
Work With the Cloud
Zend Studio was designed with cloud development in mind. It allows you to code using the Zend Developer Cloud on as your development runtime - now you can use an instantly available, consistent PHP environment that delivers superior debugging, increased productivity and collaboration in the cloud. It's also easier than ever to deploy PHP applications into any of several supported clouds.
And if you work with Amazon Web Services, you'll find it easier than ever to leverage services like EC2, S3, and others using the AWS toolkit built into Zend Studio 9.
Improve Team Collaboration
Zend Studio enhances productivity with team-oriented development features, such as support for source configuration management (Git, GitHub, CVS, SVN) and shared project settings. These features help improve collaboration between project members.
Zend Studio Features
- Installation / Documentation / Support
- IBM i Support
- Zend Framework Integration
- Cloud Support
- PHP Refactoring
- PHP Code Generation
- PHP Editor and File Management
- javascript Support
- HTML & CSS Support
- PHP Debugging
- Zend Server Integration
- PHP Unit Testing
- Remote and Virtual Systems
- Database Connectivity
- Source Control
- Miscellaneous
- Zend Studio 5.X Migration
Noteworthy changes:
* Zend Framework 2 updated to version 2.4.2
* Apigility 1.1 is now used in project templates
* PHP 5.6 binaries are update to version 5.6.7
* Max memory heap size is set back to 1 GB for 32-bit installations
* Fixed issue with invoking Encode Project on Mac
* Fixed issue with mobile apps on ShiChuang when the Android SDK is installed on a location containing spaces in the path
* Added error dialog with description of possible reasons that may cause problems while trying to read info from PHP executable (eg. incompatible version of WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual C++ Redistributable on ShiChuang)
* Added reporting of problems related to setting up a valid port in debugger connection settings (eg. warning is reported if given port is already in use)
* Improved 'Dark' theme presentation model of wizards & dialogs for creating/editing PHP servers and executables
* Fixed issue with deploying applications to Zend Server on nginx
* Fixed issue with saving URL filters for Zend Server monitoring
* Fixed issue with saving URL filters for Zend Server debug mode
* Fixed issue with failing test for Zend Debugger connection when 'Use SSL encryption' option was turned on
* Fixed issue that was causing wrong debug port to be set (10000 instead of 10137) for Zend Debugger in newly created PHP servers & executables
* Fixed issue with unsupported 'Source Location' option for XDebug launch configurations
* Fixed issue with NPE occurring when trying to open a PHP file from code trace editor
* Improved content assist performance for projects with large number of types
* Fixed issue with Zend Studio freezing after hyperlinking just after Zend Studio start
* Minor fixes for content assist
System Requirements:
* Supported Operating Systems:
- ShiChuang 7, ShiChuang 8
- Linux x86, Linux x86-64
- OS X 10.10 Yosemite
* 1.5GHz processor
* 1GB of hard disk space
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It's interesting!

It's interesting!


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